Now, THSK is ranking No.2 on Oricon Daily Chart for new Japanese single. According to Oricon chart, THSK new single “Hide & Seek/Something] acquired No.2 on Oricon CD Single Daily Chart Ranking at the same day of releasing on Feb 5th.

THSK always gains No.1 on Oricon Chart each time they release new one but this time No.1 belongs to “AinoArika/the more we love, the happier life gets” of Hey! Say! JUMP – a famous idol group of Johnny Entertainment with amount sales of 102,951 CDs. Although it’s a bit regretful, THSK still goes up to No.2 as well as set new record by the amount sale of 74,040 CDs on the releasing day which proves their unbeatable popularity staying unchanged in Japan.

THSK had opportunity to challenge new, powerful rock sound in recorded song titled “Hide & Seek”, coupling song is the title song including in Korean 7th full album named “Something” is also recorded into Japanese version as well.

Especially, “Hide & Seek” is drawing much attention from people currently, before being on sale, this album was appointed to be theme song for drama of Fuji TV – Kansai TV titled “Team Batista 4, the mystery of mother-of-pearl” which is being televised at the moment in Japan.

Meanwhile, THSK is going to come out original new album titled “TREE” on March 5th in Japan.

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