The men who have become increasingly sexy, TVXQ (U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin) have revealed the secret to their fatal sexiness.

TVXQ appeared on SBS MTV “The Show” which was broadcast live on March 4 at 6pm KST and the powerful performance which unique to them flaunted a memorable “수리수리”.

We met with TVXQ in the waiting room after they had come down from the stage.

Recently, we are hearing increasingly more and more words like TVXQ is “sexy”. It seems like there is a secret to this.

U-Know Yunho laughed and said, “Is that the case? No matter what, it seems like everybody felt more of that because it is the first time we are working together with the female dancers.”

Max Changmin added, “When they told us that we would be working together with female dancers, it seemed to be awkward at the start and I was shy. But shortly thereafter, I became more natural and it seemed like we worked well together. Because we said that we would show everybody that side of us, that is probably why we now hear words like “they’re sexy”.”

The scenes in the music video where TVXQ appeared with the female dancers were also portrayed really prettily.

Max Changmin revealed, “While preparing for the music video, even though we also had to be portrayed well, I thought that there was also a need to portray the female dancers prettily as well. In other words, that was because this would have made the overall picture gel even better. It’s great because it fortunately seemed to have come out well.”

TVXQ’s “수리수리” music video was shot using the one-take technique, and it is as if an illusion is created that makes one feel like he is watching the stage right in front of his eyes. The music video managed to fully express the dynamism of TVXQ’s performance.

Source: naver
Translated by: @mug_ping
Shared by: WBC