TVXQ, who has made their comeback with new song #Something, expressed their thoughts, “We wanted to make some transformation at our 10th anniversary. Because we had the mass appeal in mind, we are really anticipating this song. We are really excited.”

Before the KBS Music Bank broadcast on Jan 3, U-Know Yunho told OSEN, “I am the type who usually enjoys getting excited, and I am very excited this time around. Perhaps it is because I am more or less anticipating this, I am very excited.”

He added, “In reality, looking at how this is our 10th anniversary, we wanted to try something new. Nevertheless, the stuff which is new for us turned out to be a colour which has mass appeal. And having taken a shot at what we are able to do within this mass appeal, we came up with this song this time around. Thankfully, the response seems to be good. We had worried that compared to what already exists, we could end up looking really flat or awkward, but we also had anticipation for it.”

In addition, he said, “Speaking about our 10th anniversary, we want to become role models for the junior singers. We also saw news of comebacks by Psy, Seo Taiji etc sunbaenim, and were really happy. So we worked hard to be able to continue showing everyone new sides of us.”

Source: naver
Translated by: mug_ping
Shared by: WBC