A right wing group in Japan has warned it will be protesting against the JYJ Tokyo Dome concert coming up in April, but officials have said the warning is mere rumor.

A media outlet in Japan reported on March 18, “A right wing group, which is against JYJ′s concert [coming to Japan], is currently protesting in the streets, and some say it will be present at the venue on the day of the concert.”

The outlet quoted an official on the matter, who took a different view of the issue and said it was a struggle of interests in Japanese showbiz. The official hinted that it could be the start of a quarrel between JYJ′s current local production firm and Avex, JYJ′s previous agency in Japan.

In other words, the official linked the movements to the compensation suit that Avex recently lost against JYJ and its Korean agency C-JeS Entertainment, saying that such outside powers like Avex could be trying to damage the reputation and image of JYJ.

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment told enews about the opinion, “It′s similar to how it is in Korea. There are forces in Japan that are trying to stop JYJ from making a comeback, but we will only concentrate on meeting JYJ′s fans through the concert.”

The rep added, “[The members are] busy trying to think of what to put onstage for their fans in their first concert after winning the lawsuit. They may want us to care for every small disagreement. We have decided that such unconfirmed rumors are part of an effort to harm the group′s image.”

JYJ′s Tokyo Dome concert, the 2013 JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome – The Return of the JYJ, will be held from April 2-4.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment
Credit: enewsworld
Shared by: WBC